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Rickey Smiley, a name synonymous with laughter, is a multifaceted entertainer known for his infectious humor and dynamic presence. Born on August 10, 1968, in Birmingham, Alabama, Smiley’s journey into the world of entertainment began with his passion for stand-up comedy. His unique ability to blend sharp observational humor with relatable anecdotes quickly catapulted him into the limelight. As the charismatic host of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio program, he has become a household name, creating waves of laughter that resonate with diverse audiences.

Beyond the airwaves, Rickey Smiley has left an indelible mark in the world of television, showcasing his comedic prowess in sitcoms and hosting his show, The Rickey Smiley Show. His commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond entertainment, as evidenced by his philanthropic endeavors. Through the Rickey Smiley Foundation, he has dedicated himself to uplifting underprivileged children, demonstrating a genuine and compassionate side that complements his comedic persona. Rickey Smiley is not just a comedian; he’s a cultural icon, a philanthropist, and a force of laughter that transcends boundaries.

Rickey Smiley Bio & Wiki

Full NameBroderick Dornell Smiley.
Nick NameRickey Smiley.
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1968.
Birth PlaceBirmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Age 55 years.
Zodiac signLeo.
EducationAlabama State University, Tuskegee University.
ProfessionActor, Presenter, Comedian.
Height5 feet 7 inches.
Weight82 kg.
Hair ColorBlack.
Eye ColorDark Brown.
Marital statusMarried.
ChildrenBrandon Smiley, Malik Smiley, Aaryn Smiley, D’Essence Smiley.
Mother NameCarolita Smiley Lester.
Net Worth$5 Million.

What is Rickey Smiley Net Worth?

Rickey Smiley net worth is a testament to his illustrious career and widespread influence in the entertainment industry. The comedian and radio host boasts a net worth of approximately $5 million. This impressive figure reflects not only his financial success but also the impact he has made on audiences through laughter and entertainment.

Rickey Smiley’s journey to this noteworthy net worth is rooted in his diverse contributions to the entertainment landscape. From the laughter-filled mornings with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to his stand-up comedy gigs and television appearances, every facet of his career has played a role in shaping his financial success. Beyond the numbers, Rickey Smiley’s net worth is a testament to his resilience, talent, and the genuine connection he has fostered with fans over the years.

Early Life

Rickey Smiley’s early life laid the foundation for his future success, nurturing the comedic talent that would later captivate audiences worldwide. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in a large and vibrant family, Smiley discovered the power of humor as a coping mechanism. His childhood experiences in the South, infused with a rich cultural backdrop, became the wellspring of his comedic material.

Education played a crucial role in shaping Rickey Smiley’s worldview and comedic sensibilities. While specific details about his educational journey may not be extensively documented, his life experiences, both within and outside the classroom, undoubtedly contributed to the wit and relatability that characterize his comedic style. It was during these formative years that the seeds of a remarkable career in entertainment were sown.


Rickey Smiley’s career is a tapestry woven with threads of laughter, resilience, and versatility. The stand-up comedy circuit in the late 1980s became the proving ground for his comedic talents. Local clubs and events provided the stage for him to hone his craft, refining the unique style that would set him apart in the comedy scene.

The breakthrough moment came with the launch of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” in 2008. The nationally syndicated radio program not only showcased his comedic prowess but also established him as a prominent voice in the radio landscape. The show’s humor, celebrity interviews, and engaging format garnered widespread popularity, making Rickey Smiley a household name.

Television also became a canvas for Smiley’s talents. His appearances on “The Steve Harvey Show” and hosting his television show, “The Rickey Smiley Show,” expanded his reach and showcased his versatility as an entertainer. Beyond stand-up and radio, Smiley ventured into acting, adding another dimension to his already illustrious career.

Philanthropy is a cornerstone of Rickey Smiley’s journey. The establishment of the Rickey Smiley Foundation reflects his commitment to giving back. The foundation focuses on providing resources and opportunities for underprivileged children, highlighting his desire to make a positive impact beyond the realms of entertainment.


Rickey Smiley’s breakthrough in the entertainment industry is a story of resilience, talent, and the ability to connect with audiences. The launch of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” marked a turning point in his career, propelling him to national prominence. The show’s blend of humor, celebrity interactions, and engaging content struck a chord with listeners, solidifying Smiley’s status as a radio icon.

The breakthrough wasn’t confined to radio. Smiley’s foray into television, with appearances on sitcoms and his show, further expanded his reach. His transition from stand-up comedy clubs to mainstream media showcased his adaptability and broadened his audience base.

Rickey Smiley’s breakthrough is not just a singular moment; it’s a narrative of consistent growth, evolution, and an unwavering commitment to bringing joy to audiences. It’s a testament to his resilience in an industry that demands versatility and staying power.

Other Ventures

Beyond the laughter-filled airwaves and television screens, Rickey Smiley has ventured into various other avenues that showcase his diverse talents. One notable venture is his role as an author. Smiley has penned books, with “Stand by Your Truth: And Then Run for Your Life!” offering readers a glimpse into his life experiences and unique perspectives.

Philanthropy is a significant aspect of Smiley’s ventures. The Rickey Smiley Foundation, established to support underprivileged children, exemplifies his commitment to making a positive impact. Beyond entertainment, Smiley’s efforts in philanthropy contribute to a legacy that extends beyond laughter.

Reality television is another dimension of Smiley’s ventures. His participation in “Dish Nation,” a reality show where radio personalities discuss and comment on celebrity news, showcases his adaptability to different formats within the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Rickey Smiley’s personal life is a realm that he has guarded with a level of privacy. As a father and a figure in the public eye, Smiley balances the demands of his career with the responsibilities of family life. While specific details may not be extensively covered in the public domain, his commitment to both his craft and his loved ones is evident.

Family and personal experiences often find their way into Smiley’s comedic material, adding a relatable touch to his performances. His ability to connect with audiences stems not only from his humor but also from the authenticity with which he shares glimpses of his own life.

Career Highlights

Rickey Smiley’s career highlights read like a timeline of laughter, success, and cultural impact. Here’s a snapshot of some key moments:

  • Late 1980s: Begins stand-up comedy career, making a mark in local clubs.
  • 2008: Launches “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” a nationally syndicated radio program that becomes a massive hit.
  • Television Appearances: Features on “The Steve Harvey Show” and hosts his TV show, “The Rickey Smiley Show,” showcasing his versatility.
  • Philanthropy: Establishes the Rickey Smiley Foundation, dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for underprivileged children.
  • Authorship: Writes “Stand by Your Truth: And Then Run for Your Life!” sharing life experiences and humor in written form.
  • Reality Television: Participates in “Dish Nation,” a reality show discussing celebrity news with fellow radio personalities.

Rickey Smiley Net Worth

Celebrity net worth often becomes a topic of intrigue, and in the case of Rickey Smiley, the numbers tell a story of success and influence. As of the latest estimates, his net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. This figure encapsulates the financial fruits of a career that spans stand-up comedy, radio, television, and philanthropy.

The bulk of Smiley’s net worth is attributed to his role as the charismatic host of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Radio hosting, coupled with television appearances, stand-up comedy gigs, and ventures into reality television, has contributed to the diverse income streams that form the pillars of his financial success.

Beyond the monetary value, Rickey Smiley’s net worth symbolizes the impact he has made on the entertainment industry and the lives of those touched by his humor. It’s a testament to the resilience of a comedian who turned laughter into a lucrative and fulfilling career.


Rickey Smiley is not just a comedian; he’s a storyteller, a philanthropist, and a cultural influencer. His journey from the stand-up comedy circuit to the national airwaves and television screens is marked by resilience, versatility, and an unwavering commitment to bringing joy to others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Rickey Smiley’s primary source of income?

Rickey Smiley’s primary source of income is his role as the host of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” a nationally syndicated radio program known for its humor, celebrity interviews, and music. His success in radio, combined with stand-up comedy, television appearances, and other ventures, contributes to his overall net worth.

How did Rickey Smiley break into the entertainment industry?

Rickey Smiley broke into the entertainment industry through stand-up comedy in the late 1980s. His unique blend of observational humor and relatable anecdotes quickly gained attention, leading to opportunities in radio, television, and other facets of the entertainment world.

What philanthropic initiatives is Rickey Smiley involved in?

Rickey Smiley is actively involved in philanthropy through the Rickey Smiley Foundation. The foundation focuses on providing resources and opportunities for underprivileged children, emphasizing education and youth initiatives as part of Smiley’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Apart from radio, what other ventures have Rickey Smiley pursued in entertainment?

In addition to his successful radio career, Rickey Smiley has ventured into television with appearances on shows like “The Steve Harvey Show” and hosting his program, “The Rickey Smiley Show.” He has also explored acting in films and stage plays, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

How does Rickey Smiley incorporate his personal life into his comedy?

Rickey Smiley often draws from his personal experiences and family life in crafting his comedic material. While he maintains a level of privacy regarding specific details, his ability to infuse authenticity into his performances adds a relatable and human touch, connecting with audiences on a personal level.

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