Flip Smartphone

The World’s First Reversible Flip Smartphone

Rely on the Steadfast Might:

The retro Flip Smartphone is built with cutting edge processing power ensuring non-stop performance and long battery span.

Savor the Definite Snap:

Capture life’s precious moments with the Flip Smartphone’s advanced camera system, featuring:Capture life’s precious moments with the Flip Smartphone’s advanced camera system, featuring:

Pixel Perfect: 

High resolution cameras. The goal is to capture high definition images.

Wide Angle Wonder: 

Shoot wider to enchant the landscape with the super wide angle lens.

Touch and AI Photo Editor: 

Add to your images in an easy way with familiar tweaks and AI-powered wizardry.

Zooming Style at Disposal: 

Experience a whole new dimension of viewing wildlife in its natural habitat with shortest and longest distances shooting scenes possible.

Robust Battery:

Get all-day power from a long lasting battery of 4500mAh, chosen for you, that won’t let your busy life wor.

Ultra-Fast Charging:

A speedy charge of Flip phone using fast charging features ensures an easy recovery of your smartphone to help complete the day’s work.

Experience the Ultimate Flip Smartphone:

The era of smartphone decadence has begun, choose the device with cool design, speed, and technical innovations that suits your needs. Shop at flip gadget shop now!

Key Features:

6.7-inch AMOLED display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is one of the top-notch performance processors ranked by the experts.

12GB RAM, 256GB internal storage (Card expandable up to 2TB)

Quad-camera which uses artificial intelligence smart features.

4500mAh capacity, fast charging skills.

Android 12 operating system

5G, Wi-Fi 6E, BLE 5.3, USB-C connection hardware


Aurora Blue

Cosmic Black

Sunset Gold


for window tint, 1 year warranty and technical support.

Short FAQ

Do I have to use my phone in such a way on a phone with a flip-smart chip?

Flip to answer: Indeed, it is hard to resist the urge to answer the incoming call by just flipping out the handset.

Buttons or touch: Let the callers dial the main number to reach you when you are not available. Use the normal physical buttons or touch the screen to respond to or decline calls.

I make a flip smartphone operated by one hand viable?

Yes: Compact flip smartphones are very convenient for one-handed use, allowing you easily to navigate or use all features with one hand.

Which is the best way to charge the flip smartphone as there are lots of applications for that?

USB-C or wireless: Smart Flip phones usually use USB-C port or are equipped with wireless charging option so they can be charged conveniently. Write down every detail of what they told and heed it.

Are flip smartphones waterproof?

Check IP rating: IP (Ingress Protection) ratings ratings are sometimes a feature of smart phones, meaning resistance to water and dust. Note, Your Phone can offer you only IP rating for the specific model.

Can a flip phone add more storage like a smartphone?

MicroSD card: One of the basic functions of the modern flip smartphones is a microSD card slot equipped with which you may expand storage capacity up to the limit determined by the device capacity and card size.

I have been asking my friend who lives in the United States this very same question lately: how do I take selfies on a flip smartphone?

Outer screen or flip: Pose the device like a viewfinder or use the flip device mechanism with the administer camera itself.

Will it be possible to go for a flip smartphone, when I already have been using a smart watch?

Compatibility: Look into whether the flip phone is usable with your Smartwatch or Fitness Band.

What would be the best way to import the data coming from a mobile communication to a new flip smartphone?

Cloud backup: Employ cloud services like Google Drive and iCloud for data backup and data transfer to the Flip smartphone you’ve recently purchased.

Cable transfer: Transmit information from your old device via the cable with your old phone to the flip smartphone.

Are flip smartphones secure?

Basic security: A regular next smartphone may include such security features as PIN, pattern, or fingerprint unlock.

Software updates: Patching security features and updates are done on regular bases only to avail the new set of security patches and features.

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