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Asheboro Dealerships: Where to Find the Made-for-Family Vehicles

When it comes to purchasing a family-friendly vehicle, finding the right dealership is just as crucial as selecting the right car. Asheboro, a city known for its welcoming community and family-oriented values, boasts a range of dealerships offering vehicles that cater to the varied needs of families. 

This article will explore the Asheboro dealerships, highlighting the best places to find vehicles that combine safety, comfort, and efficiency, making them perfect for family life.

Understanding Family-Friendly Vehicles

Before diving into where to find these vehicles, it’s essential to understand what makes a car family-friendly. Key factors include:

  • Safety: The most crucial aspect. Look for vehicles with high safety ratings and robust safety features like multiple airbags, advanced driver-assistance systems, and sturdy construction.
  • Space: Adequate space for passengers and cargo is essential. Families should look for vehicles that offer flexible seating arrangements, plenty of legroom, and ample cargo space.
  • Comfort: Features that enhance comfort such as climate control, comfortable seating, and a smooth ride are important for keeping everyone happy on long trips.
  • Durability: Family vehicles often undergo more wear and tear than average. Durable materials and build quality can ensure the vehicle lasts and remains reliable.
  • Entertainment Features: Systems that can keep children entertained during drives, such as DVD players, Wi-Fi hotspots, and multiple charging ports, can make all the difference in long commutes.

With these criteria in mind, let’s explore the best Asheboro dealerships where you can find vehicles that meet these family-friendly standards.

Top Asheboro Dealerships for Family Vehicles

Asheboro dealerships offer a diverse range of family-friendly vehicles, known for their commitment to safety, comfort, and community engagement. Whether you’re seeking a robust SUV or an eco-friendly sedan, these dealerships provide excellent customer service and a supportive buying experience, making them a top choice for family vehicles.

1. Asheboro Ford

Asheboro Ford is renowned for its wide selection of family cars, particularly SUVs and minivans that are known for their safety and durability. The dealership prides itself on a transparent sales process and a friendly service atmosphere.

  • Featured Family Vehicle: Ford Explorer
    • The Ford Explorer is an ideal choice for families due to its spacious interior, high safety ratings, and advanced technology like Ford Co-Pilot360™, an advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies.

2. Asheboro Honda

Asheboro Honda offers a range of reliable family vehicles known for their longevity and excellent fuel efficiency. The dealership provides a comprehensive service department that helps maintain the longevity of its vehicles.

  • Featured Family Vehicle: Honda Odyssey
    • The Odyssey stands out with its versatile seating configurations, child-friendly features like built-in vacuum cleaners, and advanced safety features, making it a top pick for families.

3. Crossroads Chevrolet

Crossroads Chevrolet specializes in larger vehicles, which are perfect for families needing extra space. Their lineup includes several top-rated SUVs and trucks known for their safety and robustness.

  • Featured Family Vehicle: Chevrolet Tahoe
    • The Tahoe offers considerable space, a powerful engine suitable for various family adventures, and cutting-edge safety technologies, including lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking.

4. Modern Toyota of Asheboro

Modern Toyota of Asheboro is a favorite for families looking for vehicles that offer reliability and technological innovation. The dealership is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a wide range of Toyota vehicles that are perfect for families.

  • Featured Family Vehicle: Toyota Highlander
    • Known for its reliability, the Highlander also offers a comfortable ride, plenty of cargo space, and safety features like Toyota Safety Sense™.

5. Asheboro Nissan

Asheboro Nissan offers a mix of SUVs and sedans that are affordable and well-equipped. The dealership has a reputation for helpful customer service and offering detailed vehicle explanations and walkthroughs.

  • Featured Family Vehicle: Nissan Rogue
    • The Rogue is a compact SUV that doesn’t skimp on space. It includes Nissan Safety Shield® 360, a comprehensive suite of safety features that protect passengers from potential hazards.

Shopping Tips at Asheboro Dealerships

When visiting dealerships in Asheboro, keep the following tips in mind to ensure you get the best vehicle for your family:

  • Test Drive: Always test drive the vehicle to ensure it meets your family’s needs in terms of driving comfort, accessibility, and ease of use.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: Consider getting a pre-purchase inspection from an independent mechanic to ensure the vehicle is in good condition.
  • Trade-In Evaluations: If you plan to trade in your current vehicle, get it evaluated at different dealerships to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Financing Options: Explore different financing options. Some dealerships offer special rates or discounts for families, which can make a new car more affordable.
  • Warranty and Services: Check what warranties and follow-up services are provided. Some dealerships offer extended warranties or free maintenance services which can be beneficial.

Community Engagement and Support at Asheboro Dealerships

  • Local Commitment: Many Asheboro dealerships are deeply embedded within the community, often supporting local events, schools, and charities. This commitment to community not only builds trust but also creates a dealership experience that aligns with family and community values. Families can feel good about purchasing from dealerships that give back, knowing their business contributes to local causes.
  • Customer-Centric Events: Dealerships like Crossroads Chevrolet and Modern Toyota of Asheboro often host family-friendly events such as safety workshops, car seat installations, and family fun days, providing added value to their customers and strengthening community ties.

Future-Proofing Your Family Vehicle

  • Technology and Upgrades: As technology advances, family vehicles now come equipped with features that promote connectivity, safety, and entertainment. Asheboro dealerships are at the forefront of offering vehicles that can adapt to future technological advancements.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: With an increasing shift towards sustainability, many families are considering eco-friendly vehicles. Dealerships in Asheboro are expanding their inventory to include more hybrid and electric vehicles, which are not only better for the environment but also offer lower running costs.


Asheboros dealerships offer a variety of family-friendly vehicles that can meet the needs of any family size and budget. By focusing on safety, space, and comfort, and using the tips provided, families can find a reliable, enjoyable, and safe vehicle that will serve them for many years. Whether you choose a robust SUV from Asheboro Ford, a versatile minivan from Asheboro Honda, or another option, you can rest assured that you are getting a vehicle that values the safety and comfort of your family.

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