Ken Goldin Net Worth: A Pioneer in Sports Memorabilia Collecting

Ken Goldin Net Worth: A Pioneer in Sports Memorabilia Collecting

Ken Goldin huge accomplishments in the games memorabilia sell off industry have added to his ongoingnet worth of $75 million. His pioneering venture, featured by the establishing and development of Goldin Sales, highlights his capacity to exploit his enthusiasm and skill in sports collectibles. With an essential methodology and a sharp eye for uncommon things, Ken Goldin keeps on making a permanent imprint on the business, setting his situation as a critical figure in sports memorabilia barters.

Who is Ken Goldin 

Ken Goldin is an unmistakable figure in the games memorabilia industry, perceived for his enterprising endeavors and impact. Brought into the world in 1966 in Cherry Slope, New Jersey, Goldin fostered an energy for sports gathering quite early in life, which at last drove him to lay out Goldin Closeouts in 2012. Preceding this, he helped to establish Score Board, an exchanging card and collectibles organization, in 1986. Goldin Sell-offs immediately got momentum under his initiative, turning into a main stage for interesting and important games memorabilia. His pioneering achievement is additionally featured by his part in the Netflix series “Lord of Collectibles: The Goldin Contact,” which has earned boundless praise. Ken Goldin’s vocation direction grandstands his commitment to the games collectibles market and his huge effect on the business all in all.

Ken Goldin Age


Ken Goldin, brought into the world in 1966, right now remains at 58 years old. His excursion into the universe of sports memorabilia started from the get-go in his childhood in Cherry Slope, New Jersey, where he fostered a profound enthusiasm for gathering. This youth side interest developed into a deep rooted profession set apart by enterprising endeavors and weighty accomplishments. Goldin’s effect is especially outstanding through his establishing of Goldin Sell-offs in 2012, a stage that has become inseparable from high-profile sales of sports memorabilia. His impact reaches out past business, as proven by his contribution in the Netflix series “Ruler of Collectibles: The Goldin Contact,” which further features his mastery and commitment to the field.

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Ken Goldin Early Life and Education

Brought into the world in 1966 in Cherry Slope, New Jersey, Ken Goldin found his interest with sports collectibles at an early age. His excursion into the universe of business started with a Four year certification in business organization and the executives from Drexel College, trailed by additional examinations at the George Washington College Institute of Business.

Ken Goldin Career Path and Goldin Auctions


Ken Goldin’s expert vocation took off in 1986 when he helped to establish Score Board, a significant player in the exchanging card and collectibles industry. This adventure laid the foundation for his possible making of Goldin Closeouts in 2012. The closeout house immediately acquired noticeable quality, accomplishing $10 million in income by 2016 and soaring to $102 million by 2020.

Netflix and “King of Collectibles”

Notwithstanding his enterprising undertakings, Ken Goldin has caught worldwide consideration through the Netflix series “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Contact.” The show, presently planning for its subsequent season, narratives Goldin’s quest for uncommon games memorabilia, further setting his status as an innovator in the field.

Ken Goldin Personal Life


Past his expert accomplishments, Ken Goldin is perceived for his generous endeavors, especially in sports and schooling. He keeps a confidential individual life, being hitched and having a girl, while devoting himself to rewarding his local area.

Ken Goldin FAQs

  • Net Worth: Ken Goldin’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $400 million.
  • Age: Born in 1966, Ken Goldin is currently 58 years old.
  • Wife: Details of Ken Goldin’s wife are not publicly disclosed.
  • Daughter: Yes, Ken Goldin has a daughter.
  • Netflix Show: Ken Goldin’s Netflix series is titled “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.”


Ken Goldin’s impact on the sports memorabilia industry is unparalleled, marked by his entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering passion for collectibles. His journey from a young enthusiast to a global influencer underscores the power of perseverance and dedication in achieving monumental success.

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